Ithaca. The green ornament of the Ionian Sea. The most famous island in the world. Everyone's destination. Ithaca.

Homeland of the most famous seafarer in history. Its king, Ulysses. Who despite wandering all the lengths and breadths of the then-known world, "He had Ithaca always in his mind".

And today, in this small island symbol, the visitor can walk the footsteps of this mythical hero.

Visit his palace in Ag. Athanasios "Homer School", swim in the Royal Port "Afales" or in the harbours of Rethrou "Frikes", in the port of "Stavros" or in the port of Forkynos "Dexa".

But, also, in other famous and crystal clear beaches. such as Filiatro, Kaminia, Mprosta Aetos and Gidaki, with its greenish-blue waters that are reminiscent of the Caribbean, in its southern part.

Also in the North part of the island, Ai Giannis, Kourvoulia, Platynamos and many other small beaches waiting for the visitor to discover them.

To wander the cosmopolitan Vathi, drink his coffee overlooking the Ionian Sea in Perachori. In the head village of North Ithaca, Stavros, in the picturesque villages of Anogi, Exogi, Frikes, but also in the cosmopolitan but also picturesque Kioni. Enjoy the sunset from Lefki or Hani. Pilgrimage to the Virgin Mary and enjoy the immense view of Mount Niriton.

And all this, without having to travel all day long as the longest distance is just 25km.

We are waiting for you to enjoy them.